Welcome to Omenako Methodist Primary School, serving an underprivileged village in Ghana’s Eastern Region.


The newly completed school office with a new roof in July 2009.

On Wednesday, July 1, 2009, Omenako School teachers, local officials, community leaders and several members of the Ghana Forum Foundation met to discuss the school’s long range plans.

The District Director of Education promised to notify the Director of Basic Education in Accra about the Omenako School project and lobby for support. All this effort should translate into improved educational performance (teaching and learning) by the school.  Consequently, the school will be used as a model and will be called upon to represent the area in any educational competition.

A connection with Forest Hill High School of Jackson, Mississippi USA, has been established through the Sister School program developed by Opportunity Education. A pen pal program will be started so that the students of Omenako and Forest Hill can learn about each other. The coordinator of the Forest Hill sister school program has also suggested that a book drive may be undertaken to send books to the Omenako library.  The District Director was touched by the fact that people of all walks of life with no direct connection to Omenako or the school could go this distance to help the school.

The Queenmother of Omenako made the following points:  When the headmistress started the effort of putting up the school building, the people were skeptical. But with the diligence and accountability she has shown so far, she has won the trust and confidence of the people.  She made a personal appeal to the District Director of Education not to transfer her.  She has become an asset to the community.

The PTA chairman pledged the full support of the parents, and will continue to mobilize the people for any help they can give.

It was noted that the school office and store are completed. Any books can be stored there  and be checked in and out by the students until the library is ready.

It was found desirable to invest in one computer and a printer at the school. This will entail signing up with one of the wireless internet providers in Ghana. This will facilitate the exchange of information with the sister school. This will serve as a pilot and will prepare the groundwork for a future internet cafe/computer lab at the school.

There is interest in undertaking a rain harvesting program in the future. The harvesting of rain will serve as an effective teaching and training tool for the students, demonstrating how to maximize the use of natural resources. This will facilitate the set up of a plumbing system.


Students of the Omenako School in October 2008 gather stones to sell as construction material to help defray construction costs to complete the building of their school.